[ATAS Artist Spotlight] Anneliese Alonso: “Everything in balance”

In our ATAS Artist Spotlight series, we take a deeper dive into our artists through their work and the creative process and stories behind them.

Anneliese Alonso is an Ontario-based artist known for her playful, whimsical, and pastel digital art. Her artwork is influenced by pop culture, cute things, emotional music, and nature. When Anneliese is not drawing, she enjoys playing video games, watching Netflix, and drinking bubble tea. A motto that Anneliese lives by is “everything in balance”.

This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

“Even if the impact is as small as a smile, I stand by the idea that art can change a life for the better”

What is your creative process?

Anneliese: I tend to jot down ideas or random thoughts in a notebook app on my iPad and revisit my ever-growing list when I’m looking for something to draw. From there I’ll start sketching, this could be small thumbnail sketches or entire illustration sketches. Once I’m happy with the sketch, I’ll move onto the line work. From here it’s a matter of playing with colours until the piece feels right.

Which one of your works is your favorite?

Searching / House Paint on Plywood

Anneliese: My favourite piece is one I call “Searching”. The subject is a wild jackalope staring up into the sky. I live painted this piece in collaboration with Collective Arts Brewing and Arabella Park and found complete joy in both planning and executing this piece (Check out the process here). What started off digitally became a physical painting on a 4′ x 4′ piece of plywood that was subtly designed in remembrance of my late mother. This painting represents a returning memory of a time when I felt lost but also hopeful.

If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you go?

Anneliese: If I could travel to any place in the world, it would be Japan. The culture difference, the architecture, the food, it’s a place I know I’d be so delighted to see.

What is your favorite piece of artwork that is not your own?

Anneliese: It’s almost impossible for me to choose one piece of artwork as my favourite. I love so many other artists’ work for so many different reasons and my preference can change with my mood! At this time, I’d have to say that the most recent truly resonating piece I absolutely love is one in particular created by an artist that goes by Raytonga. It’s this painting of these golden fish swimming amongst what look like gingko leaves and I find it absolutely breathtaking.

What do you listen to while you work?

Anneliese: If it isn’t the soundtrack to various video games such as Katamari, Paper Mario, Banjo Kazooie or Animal Crossing, I’m listening to my “Bobacore” playlist on Spotify featuring so many amazing artists such as Shawn Wasabi, Lullatone, Snail’s House and more!

Why did you decide to become an ATAS artist?

Anneliese: I create art in the hopes that it brings about some sort of good in the world. Even if the impact is as small as a smile, I stand by the idea that art can change a life for the better. I turned my own grief into loving memories and I hope to share that kind of passion with the world.

You can check out more of Anneliese’s work on her Instagram, Twitter, and ATAS Artist portfolio.

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