[Summer@Brown] The Psychopathology of Mental Illness

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Another exciting experience I had this past summer was attending the Summer@Brown program at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. 

What is Summer@Brown?

Summer@Brown is a summer program that offers more than 200 non-credit courses that reflect the wide range of opportunities at Brown University’s Open Curriculum and encourages students to think critically and their work, learning, and their lives.

The mysterious Urs Fischer “Untitled (Lamp/Bear)”

What did I learn?

I attended the course called “Psychopathology: Investigating the biology and psychology of mental illness.” This course was taught by two professors, Joe Vaughan, a working psychotherapist, and Aisling Dugan, a Ph.D biologist. During the week of taking this course I learned about the biological, social, and cognitive causes of illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance use disorder, and neurodegenerative disorders. 

The professors taught us about the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system, brain structures, regulatory hormones, and the methods that professionals use to treat mental illnesses. Ultimately, the objective of this course was to show how psychology and biology are intimately intertwined together to shape human outlook on the world, behavior, and how they both contribute to mental health.

One of Brown University’s small libraries.

The entrance to the campus.

What were my experiences?

The Summer@Brown program was an unforgettable experience. My course was from 3:30-6:20 PM, so I had a lot of freedom during the mornings, which I usually spent at one of Brown’s beautiful libraries catching up on the assigned readings and writing my journal entries for the course. I also had time to take pictures of the beautiful campus and hangout with my new friends in the courtyard lawn.

My week in Providence was a special learning experience as I got to meet and discuss with proactive and intellectual students not only from the United States, but also internationally. It was very rewarding to hear about the different perspectives that everyone brought to the learning environment and I returned to southern California inspired to become the best student that I can be. 

Enjoying studying outside in the grass.

The vibrant campus had a lot of students.

If you want to learn more about the Summer@Brown programs, check out their website here.

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