[ATAS Artist Spotlight] Imile Wepener: “Create the type of art that you want to see in the world”

In our ATAS Artist Spotlight series, we take a deeper dive into our artists through their work and the creative process and stories behind them.

Imile Wepener is a Kempton Park based artist known for his bright and fantasy-themed gouache illustrations. His artwork is influenced by fairytales, folk art, and song lyrics. When Imile is not drawing, he enjoys reading and watching films. A motto that Imile lives by is to “create the type of art that you want to see in the world”.

This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

I decided to join because it’s a great cause”

What is your creative process?

Imile: Normally an artwork would start forming inside my head, usually inspired by something I saw or read. It then starts to take shape in my sketchbook. Then it further evolves the moment the paint goes on the paper.

Which one of your works is your favorite?

The Kiss / Digital

Imile: My favorite piece that I have made is a piece titled “The Kiss”. The piece is part of a larger narrative based on an old poem titled “The Figurehead”. In the piece a mermaid is trying to kiss a figurehead; but unknown to the mermaid, the figurehead was originally carved as a saint statue, and he still sees himself as holy, not wanting to give into the mermaid’s affections.

If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you go?

Imile: To Europe.

What is your favorite piece of artwork that is not your own?

Imile: “Tyger Swallowing the Sun” by Nina Torr.

What do you listen to while you work?

Imile: I listen to the “Lore” and “Myths & Legends” podcast and listen to Florence + the Machine, Dead Man’s Bones and Kate Bush.

Why did you decide to become an ATAS artist?

Imile: I decided to join because it’s a great cause!

You can check out more of Imile’s work on his Instagram, Twitter, and ATAS Artist portfolio.

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