[2019 Art Fair] Thank You for Your Support

Hello everyone! We hope that your November has been treating you well so far.

First, we would like to give our sincerest thanks to everyone who participated, supported, or shared our 2019 Digital Art Fair. We were blown away by the responses that our art fair received and we wanted to offer a quick recap of how your support will introduce art therapy into more communities.

While our initial goal for our art fair was to raise $500, through the support of 35 backers we raised over $1000, making our project over 200% funded!

Our Art Fair was Over 200% Funded

Through the funds we received through our art fair, we were able to print our sticker and art print rewards.

Then, in October, we successfully packaged and mailed out all of our rewards to our backers.

Packaged Art Print Rewards

Our Sticker Pack Rewards

With the remaining funds from our art fair, we were able to donate 192 Prang watercolor sets along with 96 refills.

This Tuesday we visited Alzheimer’s Orange County to drop off the art supplies to the “Memories in the Making” art program.

We would like to take this opportunity again to thank all 43 ATAS artists that made our art fair possible through their gracious donations of their art and efforts.

As such, not only did the ATAS Foundation team learn a lot through our art fair, but also we were incredibly humbled and motivated by the international support that we received. Please look forward to future projects that we have planned and thank you all once again.

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